Partner Shipyards

Baglietto Yachts

In 2022, our level of awareness in the industry and our cooperation partners brought us to La Spezia, where we entered into another cooperation with the well-known shipyard Baglietto. We act as the after-sales department for the Baglietto shipyard and are also the only company which is officially authorized as a service partner for Tempesta electric doors to service them during the warranty period.

Mengi Yay Yachts

In 2023, with the help of our existing partners, we entered into a cooperation with the established shipyard Mengi Yay Yachts and are proud to be able to cover the after-sales area for such a committed shipyard.

San Lorenzo Yachts

A short time ago we had the honor of working with the long-established shipyard Sanlorenzo together and we are proud about such a strong partnership. In addition to the good name of the shipyard, Sanlorenzo is also known for the constant optimization of the production chain and is constantly modernizing its construction, which we can highly praise due to our years of experience. We enjoy working on these ships and being able to support the shipyard in after sales.

Dreamline Yachts

In 2014 a revolutionary brand was launched in the yachting world, where AC Yachting was in charge of construction control and after-sales from the very beginning. In addition to the construction supervision and control for the shipyard, we also acted as the exclusive dealer of the DL Yachts Dreamline brand. Based on AC Yachting’s many years of experience, we were also involved in the construction process of the shipyard and were able to contribute to various improvements. We still look after a large number of the delivered yachts today.

Dominator Yachts

In 2003 we entered into a cooperation with the world-renowned shipyard Dominator Yachts S.r.l. Due to the high production capacity, AC Yachting were involved in production control, further development and finishing. With an in-house team of 17 qualified professionals, we have taken on the finishing for around 175 yachts. Due to the growing cooperation, we were also responsible for the management and planning of all boat shows. Furthermore, AC Yachting also took care of the training and handover to the customers.

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