Yacht Refit

From ideas to unique creations

Our professionals, with competence and passion, transform every idea into unique creations. From design to production, from attention to detail to the choice of materials, without compromise. We identify your taste and fit your yacht with the highest quality of materials as you wish. Our broad network throughout Europe enables us to supply any material you desire. The interior and exterior refitting of your yacht is divided by the following parts:

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

Whether it is a refit following maintenance or renovation for customization requirements, the basis of every refit is craftsmanship, a key word and synonym for quality and professionalism. AC Yachting is making every space comfortable, functional and innovative, winking at design without ever distorting the very identity of each yacht, an essential feature to which every owner is bound. Wherever there is a demand, AC Yachting dedicates its special attention to all lovers of the sea. Each of its refits is the result of design proposals, an example of style and high craftsmanship, a balance between tradition and innovation, experience and creativity. Each new project is executed to enhance the space, through the study and research of every kind of complement, new collections of fabrics, carpets and rugs.

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